Providing helpful content in "fluctuating moments."


Content developers can help consumers "in these fluctuating moments" by exploring five search behaviors "playing out across markets." Think with Google found people are searching along these topics:

  • Assembling critical information and content they need to get by.

  • Discovering new connections and nurturing relationships.

  • Adjusting to changes in their routines.

  • Praising everyday heroes.

  • Taking care of themselves and others.

Insight topic: Help people taking care of themselves and others by offering "ways to enrich" their lives.

Consumers are looking for ways to cope with COVID-19 uncertainty.

"As boredom, anxiety, and uncertainty set in, people are taking care of their own physical and psychological needs as well as those of friends and loved ones."

There's been an increase in "relaxation" searches between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., presumably "as people need help falling asleep."

Searches for "virtual tour" are rising. People want a break from their four walls.

Two examples of "ways to enrich people's lives" in formats that make sense today.

People are looking for ways to bring the outdoors in, using "platforms and formats that make sense while staying home."

To help everyone stuck at home, this wildlife sound recordist made birdsong audio tracks available so people could close their eyes and take an audio walk.

"Birdwatching is having a moment" as people look for ways to practice social distancing. This ornithology lab leaned in to this "fluctuating moment," with a free birding app to help people identify their first bird.

In these "fluctuating moments," when people are searching for ways to take care of themselves and others, brands and organizations can be there and useful with content for curated experiences that enrich people's lives. In a format that makes sense when social distancing.

Elaine Sarduy is a freelance writer and content developer @Listing Debuts