What are curated experiences?


Curated Cx — First-party data assisted by predictive analytics and machine learning provides useful actionable content that drives conversion.

Companies need “insight into” what is important to consumers “before you even engage with them.” Insight starts with “first-party data” and extends to “machine learning.” The two together help “marketers understand new audiences that are similar to the best customers,” and “be there and useful across new placements and media touch points,” finds think with Google.

“Machine learning, data science, and predictive analytics are the new, increasingly crucial complements to traditional marketing best practices,” think with Google.

In 2015, Google coined the term “Micro-moments” to explain how consumers’ search behavior was evolving. “People had started to expect an immediate answer in the moments they wanted to know, go, do and buy,” think with Google. Forward to July 2017, this behavior is “entrenched” and “multiplying.”

SXO and SEO.

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in the midst of an expansion. Search Experience Optimization (SXO) algorithms expand traditional SEO practices by using machine learning to optimize search algorithms that rank according to the end-to-end user experience.

“The goal is to provide consumers with useful, actionable information to drive conversion.” New search logic algorithms are configured to think like consumers, measuring how well your website assists the customer journey. Google’s new search engine algorithms result in decreased traffic to “low-valued content sites aimed at revenue generation over the goal of helping their users and readers,” Search Engine Land.

“Search Experience Optimization requires analytics and tracking data to gather and understand the user experience (UX).” Ranking high will “require more than just a popular website. It will require a website that truly caters to its customer base and encourages exploration,” Webconfs.com.

Google's focus is on the user and a smooth UX.

“User experience for SEO will become even more important in 2018,” reports Search Engine Watch, adding that Google’s “focus is on the user” and a “smooth UX.”

Consumers expect practical, usable answers to their searches. Their searches are more specific and they are searching for ideas, think with Google. “Search is moving consumers from inspiration to action more than ever before,” think with Google UK.

To increase customer engagement and conversion you need to know the end-to-end customer experience. To truly know it, you need first-party data, assisted by predictive analytics and machine learning. That knowledge, used to help craft curated customer experiences (curated cx), drives conversion.

Elaine Sarduy is a freelance writer and content developer @Listing Debuts