Intent and the Customer Journey.


Search intent signals help marketers engage today's consumers who expect curated CX. And search behavior is driven by six canonical need states that should inform your marketing strategy.

Digging deeper into search intent, Google found "the emotional motivation driving a particular search is shaped by not only the category the person is searching for, but also where they are in their journey."

"Near Me" searches in travel and automotive categories.

People are searching for near me, a "strong signal of intent" in most categories. But near me searches are driven by different needs, each requiring tailored messaging. Google examined near me searches in the travel and automotive categories.

They found the travel category search phrase "things to do near me today" is associated with the thrill me need. The search is done mostly when people get to their destination, when they're looking for inspiration.

In the automotive category, they found the search phrase "car dealerships near me open on sunday" was associated with the reassure me need.

Strive for more than "one-size-fits-all content."

Travel content for near me searches associated with the thrill me need should be different than content for the planning stages of a trip when the need state would be driven by the educate me and help me need states.

Marketers need to produce copy that addresses search needs, and "direct" consumers to "detailed information and solutions." It's important to understand need sates and "which keywords would signal which states" for your category. Armed with that knowledge, craft and deliver a variety of content and measure results.

Elaine Sarduy is a freelance writer and content developer @Listing Debuts