The alliance between CX and AI forges on to the front line of business excellence.


EDITED 01/12/21

Artificial intelligence (AI) for contact center solutions reduces customer effort and increases customer lifetime value.

REDUCING CUSTOMER EFFORT is key to providing frictionless customer experiences. With AI, machine learning and predictive analytics you can understand what is being accomplished with self-service, what is working, and what needs to be escalated to a human being, with the goal of reducing your customer's effort. This reduction in customer effort drives retention and customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer lifetime value, said Karl Walder, Managing Director, Oigo CX.

Mitel partners with Google to  bring AI to contact center solutions.

This summer, global communications company, Mitel announced it's working with Google to improve CX and contact center productivity by integrating AI and machine learning into its contact center solutions.

"Customer experience is the new competitive battleground." Joshua Haslett, Vice President of Strategic Innovations said.

More than CRM and metrics.

The new rules of CX go beyond  CRM tools and CX measurement metrics.

“In order to truly navigate the ‘Intelligent Experience Economy’, organisations need to go somewhere where they’ve never been before – reimagining the CX,” Quinton Pienaar told  PwC.

"AI will be the dominant capability enabling companies to reimagine the CX," finds a PwC report on the state of global CX. 

"Intelligent experiences"  are laying the groundwork to deliver customer service to "the next generation of consumers," wrote Forbes.

"Context plus guidance, when delivered as narrative explanations infused in the business process such that data finds you, is equal to an intelligent experience.” Karkhanis via Forbes.

Four "key components" of intelligent experiences:

Data finds the user; insights are "infused" into the business process; data is explained in "story form;"  the user gets a complete picture of what, why and what to do next, Ketan Karkhanis of Salesforce Analytics told Forbes.

New reality means executing at scale.

By 2025, an estimated 95 percent of customer interactions will be supported by AI, reports Forbes.  The "new era"  of CX excellence means "companies will need to execute the customer experience at scale," found the PwC report.

Contact centers work to "achieve economies of scale" using automated self-service solutions, but they "fail" because customers prefer talking to people.  And they generally give customer care agents 10 minutes to solve their problem, even as the "variety of questions" intensifies the "challenge facing call centers," Forbes.

New tech "combines personal service based on human voice and limitless scalability through artificial intelligence and automation." It supports customer care agents by "analyzing the content" of incoming customer requests and providing "appropriate" suggestions. The dual benefit: customers get personal support and companies benefit from AI's automation, Forbes.

The "specific opportunity lies in adding many more self-service functions" with the "promise" the tech is now "mature enough to provide an exceptional experience" and customers will "welcome those new functions." reports CMS Wire.

Only about  "10 percent of all dialogues between a brand and its customers will take place via call centers" of the future. Most customers will use self-service and digital channels, turning to call centers for complex matters, Forbes.

We started 2018 writing about engaging customers and driving conversion, crafting curated customer experiences (curated cx), using customer knowledge from first-party data, analytics and machine learning.  At almost year's end, the alliance between CX and AI forges on, advancing CX to the front line of business excellence.

Elaine Sarduy is a freelance writer and content developer @Listing Debuts